Ongoing Projects

  • Visram-Oasis Front View

    Vishram’s Oasis @ OMR, Navalur Thalambur, Chennai

    The Old Mahabaliburam Road [O.M.R.] is recognized as the prosperity of the future, many builders have exploited their potential without adequate water provision. Housing colonies of l00 to 5000 units depend on water tankers for daily need. 100 apartment units requires 10 to 12 tankers a day, so monthly maintenance collected varies from Rs.3 to RS.9 per sq. feet. When new buildings are occupied water will become more expensive and maintenance charges will go up day by day

  • ecooffice09

    Kodai Whisper Valley – Kodaikanal

    Kodai Whisper Valley is quite spectacular with forest plantations, views of mountains, valleys and a large picturesque lake in the centre of it all. The charm of the verdant hills, the pristine lakes, the gigantic trees and shoal forests that embrace the skies, the cascading waterfalls, the colourful gardens and glower beds make you close to the majestic nature while still at home. Soar into the undulating heights with us and allow the wind to whisper magical secrets in the vast expanses of the skies where you can feel the pulsating presence of your creator the most.